Business Development

At Avandith Renewable Energy, we have a strategic pre-planned arrangement for a buy-back of matured and clean seeds from individual farmers and corporate out growers.
This is to sustain and maintain the continuity and development of the project in all areas of establishment.
Farmers and out growers will be given adequate assistance in terms of trainings and inputs and equally encouraged to increase their acreage annually.
We have the pleasure and the thrill in participating and contributing in technology fuel markets that grows explosively and having a profound impact on individuals, economies, and societies worldwide.
We now need that kind of explosive growth and adoption of new technologies for sustainable energy and transportation. Supporting that process by delivering accurate and relevant information and by providing a constant, dependable resource for the many, varied communities concerned with the development of viable solutions to energy needs, is what we aim to accomplish.

A unique business proposition to exploit the opportunity

Global energy demand leads to massive opportunity for bio-fuels production .There is, globally, massive demand for new sources of oil driven by ever-increasing demands for energy. At the same time, the reserves of fossil fuels are declining which is leading to ever-increasing prices and concerns over security of supply. These circumstances have made the production of oil and energy from crops not only financially viable, but strategically important. As such there are a number of reasons having a strong bio-fuels market and hence for developing a bio-fuels business, not least the environmental and developmental reasons, but the bio-fuels business stands on its own from an economic perspective.


Bio fuel, “Diesel” from Jatropha has the ability to lift many people from poverty to financial independence, from despair to respect and unemployment to business owners, especially in Africa, where the employment opportunities are few and developments slow.

AVANDITH RENEWABLE ANERGY LTD. is set to become one of the Africa’s major promoters and producer of Jatropha focusing on producing Bio- oil and Bio-diesel from Jatropha plant oils and believes there are globally important opportunities to be exploited….

Start Business Of Growing GREEN FUEL From Jatropha Plantation To Bio-diesel.
In this way
Here, each and every one participates in the programmed will become a successful businessman or a farm worker. Farmers would earn from Jatropha farming
Farm worker would have employment
Small rural enterprises would sell or purchase the seeds
Small scale industries grow for oil production
Diesel fuel production would further provide business opportunity
By products like press-cake would be traded by villagers
Energy employment and earnings would go together.
Honey harvesting within the Jatropha Plantation can be another source of income for the farmer.
For formulating and execution of your ambitious Jatropha based business plan, we provide /undertake:
⦁    Detailed Feasibility study report
⦁    Complete consultancy
⦁    Execution
⦁    Farm assistance
⦁    Farm management

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