About Us

Avandith Renewable Energy Ltd. Is an international organization registered and incorporated in Nigeria. We are a biofuel technology company, who specializes in Renewable energy, Jatropha Curcas and the extraction of its oil as a sustainable fuel. We consult for farmers/investors/clients in renewable energy and help them in cultivating Jatropha Curcas and selling its seed as a profitable cash crop.

Our organization believe in the potentials of Jatropha and bio-energy feedstock, as an alternative source of energy, to contribute to the sustainable and socially responsible use of the world’s vast marginal land reserves there by helping to improve the lives of impoverished rural population, reduce carbon emissions and build local and global food and energy security.

Our organization consists of experts and highly experienced professionals whom we believe will be of immense benefit to your establishment. With customer’s satisfaction being our primary goal, we pledge ourselves to same by providing quick response services when it is desired.